Hi guys, Hope you are doing fine and in the last tutorial have successfully installed ionic and cordova.
This is third article in a multi-part series of tutorials to make your first Ionic application. I hope you guys have gone through the first article and second tutorial in the series about the tools and applications needed, in order to get started in our journey to reach a goal.

Now that we are all setup, lets start with the tutorial.  Hope you have setup your system correctly.

First we need to open the Terminal/Command Prompt depending on which ever platform you are working and type in the command:

ionic start app_name blank

Let me explain whats happening in this command. Here we are running and ionic-cli command to start a new application by the app_name name specified with a blank: scaffolding template.

Ionic by default provides 3 type of scaffolding:

  1. blank
  2. sidemenu
  3. tabs

We can use one of the scaffolding at a time by specifying in the command.
Apart from these which are provided by ionic framework, there are plenty of other scaffolds out there on github which you can use as a starting point for your application. You could also develop your own scaffolds and put them up someplace like github.com and can use in later projects.

This being the end for our third tutorial Starting a new ionic application. Now move to our next tutorial where we will make our first application run/emulate in browser/device and see how it looks. Here to help and learn to grow. Cheers!!!

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