setup oracle jre

Setup oracle JRE

Ubuntu comes preloaded with open-jdk and open-jre which is set as default. But sometimes oracle jdk and jre are required by some program or package to work. So we need to add oracle jre to the eclipse. It is not a very complicated issue but sometime It took us a lot of time to get this configured if we aren’t familiar with the process. So here are the steps required to setup oracle jre in eclipse development environment.


Step need to follow are

First we need to open the eclipse ide and navigate to menu on the top and :
Go to Windows -> Preferences.

update jre

Select Installed JREs on left side and click Add button on right panel.

Select Standard Definition from the panel and move to next screen

Click on the Directory button to navigate to folder where JRE is extracted and rest of the details will fill out automatically.

Then click on finish.
Select the checkbox for the newly added JRE and click apply and close.

Now the Default JRE has been updated with the newly added JRE.

If you face any problem in setting up oracle jdk in ubuntu feel free to checkout here…

Hope this help you guys setup the Oracle JRE in you eclipse setup and  this get you through and help you understand a bit more about the java and its development setup. Let me know in the comment section below if it was of any help. Thanks a lot for your time guys. Let me know in comments section if you like/dislike this post.

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