Hi guys, here i am back after a long guy and now i am going to start a series here of sort with hybrid mobile development from start to finish. We will be getting started here with some project from getting started guide for ionic framework.

In this tutorial series we are going to get our hands dirty with:

  1. Node
  2. Cordova
  3. ionic cli
  4. typescript
  5. html
  6. scss(css)
  7. and some other plugins and library which are required as per functionality of application

We will be adding to the list as we move ahead in the series.
So to Begin with we are going to install node, ionic, cordova and configure the system to get us up and running here.

First of all we need to install node and npm in the system.
Then follow the series in the said order for getting started with the development.
install ionic cordova
Make first ionic application

Hope you guys like what i just did. So feel free to share your thoughts and feel free to advice and criticize if i am not doing it correctly. Here to help and learn to grow. Cheers!!!

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