Delivery of Media content to the logical IP over the digital networks is coined as Internet Protocol Television(IPTV). It advantage over the internet is the continuous media streaming immediately unlike the first download (Buffer content) then play.
IPTV works in an environment of high-speed telecom network with the help of client devices at the customer end in the form of Set-top boxes/Client side streaming devices.

IPTV can be broadly categorized into 3 services
1. Uni-casting (Video on Demand)
2. Replay (Record Then Play)
3. Multi-casting (Live streaming)

How it works
Digital Media content is delivered over the internet. The media is streamed over the telecom network instead of being delivered through conventional cable or broadcast formats. The media stream is encoded into a series of IP packets and transmitted through the public internet which is accessed by the client devices subscribed to the service.

Protocols Used:

  • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTP) for device to server communication and data transfer.
  • IP Group Membership Protocol(IGMP) for Multicast Live Streaming.
  • Real Time Streaming Protocol(RTSP) for Uni-cast Video on Demand services.

Device options for IPTV

  • Smart TV
  • Streaming Media Players
  • Game Consoles
  • Set-top Boxes
  • Blu-ray Players
  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • PCs & Laptops

Media Streaming Devices Platforms

  • Roku Devices
  • Android Smart Tv
  • Amazon fire Tv
  • Apple Tv
  • Google Cromecast device
  • Samsung Tizen Smart TV
  • Boxee
  • WD TV
  • Smartphones/Tablets

Roku Device Development
Roku is an open platform device with an SDK that enables any one to create new Private/Public channels. The channels are written in Roku-specific language called BrightScript. Channels need to be reviewed before they are added to the official Roku Channel Store.

Android Smart Tv
Android Provides SDK for developing apps and easily be developed using java/kotlin also with Web-Technologies on Android Studio IDE. App can be easily available via Google Play-store after review.

Amazon fire Tv
Amazon fire enables the app development with the help of its open-source sdk based on Android OS.
It provide two options for App development i.e Android App and Web App.
Android app can be developed with the help of Java/Kotlin language with Fire App Builder.
Web App can be written in Html5, cordova using FireOS port with WebApp Starter Kit for FireTV.

Apple TV
Apple provides tvOS based on iOS allowing for app development via the Native as well as Hybrid platforms.
Native Apps can be developed via the Swift and Objective C programming languages.
Hybrid App use the combination of HTML5, CSS, JS and Cordova technology stacks.

Samsung Tizen Tv
Samsung new Tizen is supported with Tizen Studio to develop Web Apps for its platform with Web Technologies and shared publicly via Samsung Smart Hub platform.

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