Hi guys, Hope you are doing fine and done the hard work of setting up your system with node and npm.
This is second article for a multi-part series of tutorials to make your first Ionic application. I hope you guys have gone through the first article in the series about the tools and applications needed, in order to get started in our journey to reach a goal.

After installing node and npm then we need to install 2 very important to start with:

  1. ionic
  2. cordova

The command should be run on command prompt/terminal depending on the OS platform you guys are working:

npm i -g ionic cordova

Lets now explain the command here.

In this command we are using npm : node package manager to i: install -g: globally ionic and cordova packages.

After running this command you have installed 2 of the most important things required to build mobile application.


This being the end for installing ionic and cordova packages. Now move to next tutorial where we will make our first application. Here to help and learn to grow. Cheers!!!

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